Umstead Trail Marathon (when a [table] says 1000 words)

I might write a real report still, as there are some stories which should be told…

Saturday was my 3rd marathon. I did Umstead in 2009 as my first marathon and wanted to try it again. My running buddy Danny signed up to do it as well, as training for his upcoming Umstead 100. It is a tough course with lots of hills. Check it out:

The course, atmosphere, and volunteers are awesome for this race. My friend Sandra was at the second aid station handing out lots of water and encouragement. I love the course, especially the first part with all the single-track on my favorite trails! Plus, Uwharrie 20 was perfectly timed as my last 20 mile training run 4 weeks ahead of Umstead. Given the number of bloggers who did both, I was not the first person with this idea.

The chart below pacing pretty much sums up my race; I beat my 2009 time by ~7 minutes, which I’m very happy about, especially considering they replaced the downhill on Powerline Hill with the back side of Sycamore, adding  just under 2 miles of single-track. And, I was the 13th overall female, which scored me a truly awesome carved wooden bat plaque! I had hoped to have better pacing and you can see I started struggling around mile 19 with fatigue and cramps–which was the same place I fell apart in 2009. So that part of it was disappointing. But I had a great time and did run more of the last 10K than I did in 2009.
Huge thanks to my friend Steve, who dragged me through the toughest parts, for which I am eternally grateful, and Audrey, who found and dragged my carcass off the Cedar Ridge Trail at mile 24. I know Danny ran with Steve and Amy as well. Nancy was at the Turkey Creek/Graylin intersection with cheers, and Andrew was waiting at the finish. Thanks, y’all.
Mile # Single mile split Average pace Notes
1 8:51 8:51 Whoo hoo! This will be fun!
2 8:27 8:39 Don’t want those roadies slowing me down on the single-track.
3 9:07 8:49 Gosh, I just LOVE single-track!
4 9:27 8:58 Exit Company Mill; hop on Graylin. Hi Steve!
5 9:48 9:09 Here we go on Sycamore! I love this trail. I must pass this woman wearing white shoes. [later, she will take my lunch money]
6 9:30 9:12 What hill? Heading to aid station while eating some PB & J.
7 9:27 9:08 Blowing through rocks and mud going down Sycamore now!
8 9:13 9:07 It’s like running through a mini whitewater rapid. Rocks, mud and water. Love it!
9 9:01 9:06 Sort of flat-ish here on Reedy Creek.
10 9:11 9:12 Flying down the Corkscrew!
11 8:55 9:10 Downhill on S. Turkey Creek.
12 8:48 9:05 More downhill on S. Turkey Creek (there’s Danny’s cooler!).
13 9:46 9:09 Under 2 hrs. at the half! On N. Turkey Creek now.
14 9:18 9:08 Up and down on N. Turkey Creek.
15 9:52 9:12 Feeling a bit tired on Graylin…that’s strange; it’s flat. Hi Nancy!!!
16 9:58 9:15 Think I better finish this gel before I hit Turkey Creek again. Hey Danny!
17 9:17 9:17 Caffeine RULES!
18 9:14 9:16 Back across the Ebenezer Church bridge. Just have to do South Turkey Creek one more time. I got this.
19 11:00 9:22 Oh dear, I don’t feel too good. 4-5 women pass me. Bummer. Are those cramps? Please send Fritos.
20 11:24 9:27 >SOB!<  WHERE ARE THE FRITOS STEVE???
21 9:39 9:28 Post-aid station: 2 cups Gatorade + 2 cups Fritos + 1/2 banana + 1 cup water. YEAH! Ready for the Corkscrew!
22 10:08 9:30 Powering up the Corkscrew and heading down Cedar Ridge. Gravity rules!
23 11:06 9:33 ITB is hurting. Quads are cramping. I am whining. It ain’t pretty, folks.
24 11:18 9:37 Get me out of here, Audrey! I think my cramps have cramps.
25 11:16 9:43 I am technically running Graveyard Hill. Stop laughing. This is as close as I can get to running right now.
26 9:32 9:41 Steve gets out his invisible rope. I’m going to make it!
26.2 2:00 9:41 Whoo hoo! I won a bat! Lucky number 13!

And that's a wrap! 13th place female and 7 minutes off my PR!

8 thoughts on “Umstead Trail Marathon (when a [table] says 1000 words)

  1. Very nice job! And, congratulations on the new personal best time! Speaking of lucky numbers, I’d say it’s worth noting that your bib number was number 7, and you beat your previous time by 7 minutes. Hmmm…

  2. Woo hoo! PRs are awesome, especially at Umstead. Congrats! Loved the mile by mile report. I wish my mushy brain could recall all of the miles at Umstead like that.

  3. Thanks Scott! I have a real report posted now. I love reading your blog and I intended to tell you that in person at the race. Congrats on your race and feeling so good–I’ll have to try again to hit that particular goal. Admittedly, some of the chart details I had to figure out using a course map and my time for the mile. My trusty Timex did all the heavy lifting.

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