Saturday’s Sycamore Trail Quiz

NOTE: These are now called “story problems.” I write these to procrastinate and amuse/annoy my friends.

At 6:30 a.m., geeky Professor Sprout starts running from the top of Graylin Drive, turns left on Sycamore Trail, and runs the loop clockwise, clearing spiderwebs for lazy latecomers who sleep in (ahem!).

At 7:15, one curmudgeonly English dude parks at the Top Car Park and starts running the stick part of the lollipop, hitting the Sycamore loop to run counterclockwise.

The plant geek is distracted by beautiful Atamasco lily (above), deadly poisonous mountain laurel, and other plant delights, and must stop to collect leaves for coaching Science Olympiad along the way.

At what point do these two Peeps intersect?

A) Bottom of Graylin Drive.

B) Professor Sprout gets distracted by plants, trips over roots, and busts butt. English dude finds her lying on ground with sprained ankle along Sycamore Creek, happily photographing some lovely bluets on the ground.

C) Sprout and English dude never intersect, because Sprout runs so doggone fast on trails and is long gone before he starts. [hint: no part of this answer is correct]

D) Sprout and English dude never intersect, because Sprout gets lost.

E) Sprout and English dude crash on the steep, switch-backed hill going up toward the Bridle Trail. English dude rolls down the hill into Sycamore Creek. Sprout shouts at him not to damage any plants on his way down.

F) On the flat-ish stretch next to the Horse and Bridle Trail new parking lot.

G) On the road coming in from the Visitor’s Center that splits Sycamore Trail.

H) Sprout is waiting for English dude when he starts his run from the Top Car Park. Slowpoke.

Hint: Sprout ends up finishing her run with a tempo/sprint up the Graylin Drive hill to make it to Science Olympiad in time. Reaches broomstick at 8:00 am sharp.

Need a map of Umstead Park to figure it out?


2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Sycamore Trail Quiz

    • No, unfortunately, the Triangle Transit Authority has not received public support for light rail, though a transit stop on Old Reedy Creek Road would be awesome. BTW I sent a link to your blog to a friend of mine who had what sounds like very similar surgery on Friday…we are waiting with fingers and toes crossed hoping she’ll be able to join us for our second run of the Blue Ridge Relay in September.

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