Triple Lakes 40

“What do you boys think about me doing a 40 mile trail race?” Stephen: “That’s awesome, Mom! You can do it!” Simon: “I don’t know, Mom. That is a lot. I think that might be a little too far for you.” Apparently I gave birth to Go Big and The Voice of Reason. And hopefully, a little of each will see me to the finish.


3 thoughts on “Triple Lakes 40

  1. I was thinking about Triple Lakes 40 earlier this year, but I do love the Medoc Marathon, so my first ultra will have to wait until Uwharrie. Besides, there’s a good chance I won’t be able to finish Uwharrie, and I do like an adventure. 😉

    • Part of my reasoning for Triple Lakes is that if Uwharrie 20 closes out before I get in, I will [hopefully] know what doing a 40 is like so I can consider that as a back-up option.

      And, Joanna and I have already decided that the next ultra race will be in a month where the huge training mileage does *not* occur in July and August.

      • Makes sense, but you are right about the later Summer training, even for a marathon. It stinks. However, doing an early fall marathon did give me a really good base to tap into all last Winter for other races (Uwharrie, Umstead), and that was nice. Even though I ended up bouncing a lot of checks on that metaphorical account. Live and learn, I guess.

        Looking forward to hearing all about Triple Lakes. It seems to be very popular, so it has to be a decent race.

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