2012 Blue Ridge Relay with 12 Things Gawn Fishin’

Writing a race report for a 210 mile relay in the Blue Ridge mountains in September, with 12 teammates, two 15 passenger vans, 27,000+ feet of elevation change, over 30+ hours is a bit like:

1. Answering an email from a student that states: “I was absent yesterday. Did I miss anything important?”

2. Trying to explain to my folks why I would run a 40 mile trail ultramarathon, and why I loved it (believe me, my parents aren’t the only ones).

3. Explaining to my 9 year old at bedtime (when else?) why it is likely that life exists on other, Earth-like planets.

Rather than attempting this insurmountable task, I instead present you with the awesome video of our experience, put together by my 12 Things teammate Gordy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eg4X6Z6uINY

A few notes for those of you who may not know the 12 Things:

+ This was the second running of the BRR for the 12 Things. We will always be the 12 Things. Last year we were the 12 Things I Hate About Running. This year we were 12 Things Gawn Fishin’.

12 Things Gawn Fishin’ at the start! And yes, we are all wearing pants.

+ We have the most fun and best support of any of the 145 teams on the relay. We entertain our own runners and other teams with lots of silliness along the way.
Some of the treats we left in other teams’ vans.

+ Gordy manages some kind of cinematic magic to turn a group of 12 wacky goofballs into a somewhat cool, but completely dysfunctional family. Though I’m harboring a twinge of regret over some of my costumes. Ha ha! NO I’M NOT!!!


We can’t wait for 2013!

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