4th Annual Jingle Bell Run, Shelley Lake Greenway, Raleigh, NC

[Note: In some ways, the Jingle Bell Run epitomizes the Runnerpeeps community]

Jingle Bell Peeps!

‘Twas the morn before Christmas, and at Shelley Lake Dam
Fifty peeps gathered, and they’re not even fam.
The jingle bells hung from their sneakers with care
In the hopes that they wouldn’t get lost while they’re out there.
The children were woken and roused from their beds
Some brought their scooters ‘cause there’s no snow for sleds;
And Andrew in his Santa hat, and I in my socks
Knew in our hearts that Runnerpeeps rocks!
Steve had hung jingle bells from his rear
So he deafened his friends and all who were near.
Jeff, Joanna, Cheryl ran early, more miles to do
But they circled back ‘round to meet those who were new.
Meredith and Sandy, their first run with the Peeps
Sure hope that we didn’t give them the creeps.
The Jeffries all know it’s a family affair–
With Camdens, Hambricks, and Eddlemans there.
The Blackwells and Davises brought their whole crew
Wagons and strollers and bicycles too.
Danny soon shed his most awful sweater
And declared to Stephen, “well I feel a lot better.”
Diane, AnaRita, her son Travis too
Ran after Jon and away they all flew.
Paul, Nancy, Kerry, plus others we know
Had brought dogs along, and some wore a bow.
When what to our wondering eyes should appear
But the coach of the Peeps, and when he spoke, all could hear
“Now Stacy! Now Lisa! Andrea and Julie!
On Becky! On Karen! On Ken, Liz and Keri!
To McDonald’s you go! And make sure you don’t fall!
Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!”
To McDonald’s and back to the dam they all flew
And as they ran on, their Christmas cheer grew.
Now four years ago Candace started this run
It’s our very last day for Peeps holiday fun.
The 12 days of Christmas were finally done
And although they were tired, they sure had some fun
Steph and Andrew exclaimed, ere they drove out of sight
“Merry Christmas to all! And to all a good night!”

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