Local. Community. Running. Inspiration. Encouragement.

Like many runners, I track my mileage. I used to do this haphazardly. [As in, I tracked my mileage when I was doing well, but didn’t bother when I was slacking off.] Now, I capture it all—the good, the bad, and the next-month-will-be-better.

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For information about our running program, check out runnerpeeps.com.

Our friend Steve suggested that doing a 1000 Mile Club would be a fun activity for our group running program, Runnerpeeps, and he was even willing to track individual mileage. We were thrilled with the idea. Steve had an excellent response, and soon we were encouraging all our Peeps to participate.

Together, we discussed it more. Running 1000 miles in a year is a fun challenge. But for many Peeps, a thousand miles is not an appropriate goal. Some have a single race goal in the fall or spring, others are working toward their first 10K, and still others love the half-marathon distance best. Averaging 83 miles a month is not in line with many of these goals. There’s also the implicit suggestion that more miles = better. We wanted to be collaborative, rather than competitive.

Our vision as a company is this: Peeps work hard to achieve their individual goals, while encouraging and inspiring others to be their best.

Run around the world with the Peeps!

See the world with the Peeps!

How could we use monthly mileage to inspire all our Peeps to work together as a team? Steve had a great idea—make it fun—set a goal for the Peeps to run around the world, an impressive 25,000 cumulative miles. We started in Singapore, and he usually has a guessing game each month for the next city we make it to, mileage-wise. Who wouldn’t want to play?! [As of April 1, we’ve made it to Cairo.]

I kept thinking about another incentive tied to this common goal, one that would inspire everyone to participate. One that would tie into our company ideals and vision. Our group is LOCAL, it’s about COMMUNITY, and we work together to use RUNNING as a source of INSPIRATION, to ENCOURAGE ourselves and each other to be our best

The idea finally hit me.

Runnerpeeps will donate a penny for every mile run by the Peeps in 2013. We have not yet decided on a charity or project. We are small, there are ~70 Peeps, and we want our donation to make an impact. The donation needs to tie closely with our ideals: Local. Community. Running. Inspiration. Encouragement.

1000 miles or 500 miles, 100 miles or 50 miles. Our goal in this, really, is to pull each other along, to be better versions of ourselves through our running. I read something recently that said it well: “Fitness is not about being better than someone else…It’s about being better than you used to be.” Or even thought you could be.

I hope all our Peeps are as excited about this as we are. Because when we work together, we can accomplish amazing things. Rock and roll, Peeps!

Quite possibly our largest gathering of Peeps, at our 2012 Jingle Bell run. There’s something special about a group that gets together on Christmas Eve morning to share each other’s company and celebrate the chance to run.

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