Baby, it’s cold outside. Time to sign up for the Little River Trail Run!

I had a great opportunity to write about one of my favorite races, the Little River Trail Run, for the October 2013 issue of Trail Runner magazine. And, I was thrilled to see a picture of my son Stephen (top left) and my Goat Hunter teammate, Candace (bottom center) when the article was published! This year my whole family is going to do either the 7K or the 10 miler, along with many of my Peep friends. And if you want a low-down of the course, read my 2013 race report. Hope to see you there!

Note: you should use this link if you actually want to read the article below! Or this link to Trail Runner magazine.

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Richmond marathon, Twittified

I’ve been accused of being chatty and wordy. Funny that the social media outlet I love to scorn (Twitter: “everyone talking; nobody listening”) has become one that I enjoy as someone who struggles with conciseness. The 140 character limit is always a fun challenge, especially since I refuse to use text-speak, abbreviations, or bad grammar. With that in mind, here is my Richmond marathon report in a series of imagined tweets:

Pre-race: #Richmondmarathon with my family and @runnerpeeps! Andrew and Stephen off to start the 8K in the rain; Simon is with Amy. #gametime

Start: Peep panic ensues when we see we’re on the wrong side of the road. Mad dash and the Peeps are off! #losthalfthepeeps #raincanquitanytimenow

Mile 1-5: Drop behind Jeff/Kelly/Cheryl because I’m panting. Steve would be proud I have a plan: 8:45-9s for 20 then see what happens. #usuallywingit

Mile 6-9: Beautiful scenery; crossing the James River with flowing water, boulders, and fall colors punctuating the mist. Gorgeous. #roadrunsmaybeOK

Mile 9-11: There’s my friend Diane! Love running with my training buddy for the 2009 NYC marathon. She’s running for a BQ today! #shemadeitby4seconds

Mile 11: “I could see Jeff for a long time but can’t see him now.” On cue Jeff tears out of a port-a-potty next to us and takes off. #catchthetarheel

Mile 12: An overweight man running next to me is alternately singing and muttering to himself. I see another man dressed as a turkey. #passtheturkey

Mile 13.1: 1:55 and feeling good. Just behind Jeff shouting “Go Pack!” Finally draw even and bust a move to get his attention as we hit the party zone.

Mile 14: “I’ve heard a few ‘Go Packs’ along the way.” “That was me, you idiot.” Choke and spew Nabs everywhere at the 14 mi AS. #itwasnotpretty

Mile 15: Diane’s husband John is on the bridge as I come back over the river, then I see my pal Martin! Yeah! #lovemesomePeepsupport

Mile 16: “These are my people!” I’m so pumped for the junk food AS, but I’m still coughing so I go with plain water. #noFritos #sadtrombone

Mile 18-19: Run with Cheryl, who’s focusing with music. Want to pull her past the wall but she tells me to go. Hate leaving my friend in a tough spot.

Mile 20: Run past @bullcityrunning signs and feel the #RUNDRM love. This is where I pick up the pace. Hello, legs? Are you there? #noanswer

Mile 21: See Kelly and think how cool it would be to finish together. But she’s running strong and I’m not sure I can pick up my pace. #catchthatPeep

Mile 22-24: Trying hard to catch up with Kelly. So close…when I suddenly realize, oh crap! It’s not going to happen. #insidejokebutnottoofunny #rats

Mile 24: Momentarily discouraged, then realize I can likely make all 3 of my goals, including the secret one! #attitudeadjustment Woo hoo!

Mile 25: Looking for any excuse to walk and try every mental trick to keep moving. Like magic, Karla, Shellie & Doug appear, cheering! #thankyouPeeps

Mile 26: No matter what I do, I’m slowing down even as I am falling downhill to the finish. Thank you, gravity. #whereismile26 #leavingitalloutthere

Mile 26.2: Andrew + Peeps are at the finish; my friends are arriving too. So excited (and pained) as everything seizes up. #hellohamstrings #finished

Post-race: Celebrating good friends, 4 first-time marathoners, a 50th birthday, many great races, and my new PR (by 19 min!*) of 3:51:12! #PeepsRock

Just a few of the Peeps doing the Richmond races!

Just a few of our Peeps doing the Richmond races! Great weekend!

[*Richmond was my 5th marathon and a new PR was my “easy” goal. Why? Well, my 1st, 3rd, and 4th marathons were the Umstead marathon and my 2nd marathon was New York City (where I blew up at mile 14 after running 8:30 miles the first half).]

Chicken Dinner, we have a winner!

Thanks to all who entered my contest for a free entry for the Blue Ridge Marathon next April. I would love to see some of your motivational signs on top of Mill Mountain (please read the comments on the last post for some great ideas). I pulled all entrants onto a spreadsheet, then let choose a number. Lucky #7 was Andrea Loper! 

Blue Ridge Marathon Contest!


When you reach the Roanoke Star, mile 13 on the Blue Ridge Marathon, what motivational sign would you like to see?

Answer this question in a comment below (just once) for an entry into my drawing for a FREE Blue Ridge Marathon or Half Marathon race entry.

Follow my Twitter feed at @scissorsrunning and you’ll get a second entry. All entries submitted between 11/4/2013 and 11/9/2013 will be put into a random drawing.


Q: Roanoke Star?
A: Of course. It’s the largest neon star in the world.

Q: I don’t think I want to sign up for the marathon.
A: That is not in the form of a question, but…And miss the 7200 ft of elevation change? OK, you can also win a half marathon entry. Heck, I might even switch to the half myself.

Q: Can I wear my festive patriotic tights covered in stars to the race?
A: You will rock the tights.

Q: I have a great idea but it is teetering on the edge of good taste. Can I play?
A: If your entry is profane or disgusting I will remove it and block you. Don’t be that creepy person.

Q: When is the race?
A: Sure, this is the FAQ, but use the link above to get all the race details. Or, go here.

Q: I heard that this race has been rainy in the past. Will it rain?
A: I checked the Farmer’s Almanac and the weather will be perfect.

Q: How will I claim my free race entry that I know I will win?
A: Ummm…stay tuned. I need to get in touch with the real sponsors of this giveaway, the Blue Ridge Marathon Peeps.

Q: Won’t you just pick Ann to win?
A: Well really, I’d like to, but to be fair I will do a random drawing of all legitimate entries. Ann could certainly win and I hope she enters.

Q: What if I just write a comment about how worthy I am of a free race entry, instead of what I would like to see on a motivational sign?
A: Play my little game or no entry for you.

Q: I had midterms this week and it’s Sunday! Can I still play?
A: Read the syllabus. No entry for you.

Q: If I live in Raleigh, can we do hill repeats together?
A: Hill repeats are my favorite! Sometimes I even bust out a few lines from the Sound of Music.

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Race entry giveaway starts 11/4.

I was super-excited to be chosen as an official blogger for the Blue Ridge Marathon, which is April 26, 2014. What this means for you is that I have a free race entry to give away next week! I am still thinking about the contest and will post details on Sunday or Monday.

The race entry can be the half or full marathon. Come run America’s Toughest Road Marathon with me next spring!

Race details can be found here: