Blue Ridge Marathon Contest!


When you reach the Roanoke Star, mile 13 on the Blue Ridge Marathon, what motivational sign would you like to see?

Answer this question in a comment below (just once) for an entry into my drawing for a FREE Blue Ridge Marathon or Half Marathon race entry.

Follow my Twitter feed at @scissorsrunning and you’ll get a second entry. All entries submitted between 11/4/2013 and 11/9/2013 will be put into a random drawing.


Q: Roanoke Star?
A: Of course. It’s the largest neon star in the world.

Q: I don’t think I want to sign up for the marathon.
A: That is not in the form of a question, but…And miss the 7200 ft of elevation change? OK, you can also win a half marathon entry. Heck, I might even switch to the half myself.

Q: Can I wear my festive patriotic tights covered in stars to the race?
A: You will rock the tights.

Q: I have a great idea but it is teetering on the edge of good taste. Can I play?
A: If your entry is profane or disgusting I will remove it and block you. Don’t be that creepy person.

Q: When is the race?
A: Sure, this is the FAQ, but use the link above to get all the race details. Or, go here.

Q: I heard that this race has been rainy in the past. Will it rain?
A: I checked the Farmer’s Almanac and the weather will be perfect.

Q: How will I claim my free race entry that I know I will win?
A: Ummm…stay tuned. I need to get in touch with the real sponsors of this giveaway, the Blue Ridge Marathon Peeps.

Q: Won’t you just pick Ann to win?
A: Well really, I’d like to, but to be fair I will do a random drawing of all legitimate entries. Ann could certainly win and I hope she enters.

Q: What if I just write a comment about how worthy I am of a free race entry, instead of what I would like to see on a motivational sign?
A: Play my little game or no entry for you.

Q: I had midterms this week and it’s Sunday! Can I still play?
A: Read the syllabus. No entry for you.

Q: If I live in Raleigh, can we do hill repeats together?
A: Hill repeats are my favorite! Sometimes I even bust out a few lines from the Sound of Music.

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26 thoughts on “Blue Ridge Marathon Contest!

  1. As a kid, when we hiked these mountains one of my uncles would hide M&Ms behind a tree. So, they come to mind. The quick treat motivated us to make it to the top, look around and head back to PawPaws house.

    And, homemade eclairs from my Aunt Becky are also pretty motivational.

    Ann Camden

  2. I’d like to see a big Guilford College Fighting Quaker mascot sign. As Roanoke College (even though it is in Salem) was one our biggest rivals, that star is annoying. Nothing would be more motivating to me than a Big Fighting Quaker pushing me to beat Roanoke one more time in my career!

  3. When I do race photography, I have a sign that says “Smile, if you’re running commando.” Guaranteed “happy runner” shots for everyone (as they’re running past the Star Cam) As for a motivational sign at 13.1… Nike said it best: “Don’t think. RUN.”

  4. When I first saw the star in Steph’s post, I thought of the star in Bethlehem, PA atop South Mountain which my dad would drive past, taking the long way, every Christmas on our way to my grandmother’s house. The Star of Bethlehem is a symbol of light and hope (who wouldn’t need that on the BRM!). Not only is Bethlehem home to my favorite star and Bethlehem Steel, but it also home of Peeps! What more motivation could I ask than the thought of my friends from RunnerPeeps to keep me going 🙂

  5. Better hurry, the bus back to Raleigh leaves in 2 hours.
    Just think how much beer you can drink waiting on those crazies that signed up for the full marathon!

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