Maddy’s Mobility: Can you help?

Happy September 1st! Nearly one year ago I had the lucky fortune to be paired with an incredible little girl, Maddy, and her mom, Cassie Barrick, through the wonderful Irun4 organization ( Maddy and I encourage each other with notes, through running and her life with significant disabilities. Maddy has Rett Syndrome, a genetic developmental disability that leaves her unable to walk or talk, much less run and play like most kids her age. She has a wonderful mom who advocates for her and takes her through a grueling schedule of PT, OT, and speech therapy every week. She loves Thumper from Bambi and orange Popsicles.
Maddy recently turned 5, and as she grows, it is becoming harder for her mom to transport her in her family’s minivan. A friend of their family has set up a fund to buy Maddy a mobility van that can handle her wheelchair. These vehicles are incredibly costly–they need to raise $15K.
September is my birth month and I don’t need a single thing that money can buy–just more time to spend with the people I love and to do the things that are important to me. I am pledging a dollar for every mile that I run in the month of September toward a new ride for Maddy.
Would you like to join me? I’m accepting pledges of a nickel, a dime, a quarter, or 50 cents for every mile I run in September for my friend Maddy. Let me know if you wish to make a pledge–fair warning, you all know I run a lot. Or you can make a direct donation to the page. Here’s the link:
Every week we are asked to donate to worthwhile causes. But each time I lace up my shoes this month, I will see the face of my little buddy, who works hard to do her best despite a lifelong disability. Your donation will make a very real difference in the lives of this family. Thank you for considering!

My Irun4 friend, Maddy, and her mom. Who is, by the way, a rock star.

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