“Voice tattoo,” Career Day 2015 at Saint Mary’s School, Raleigh, NC

Stephanie Jeffries, PhD, Professor NC State, Career Day 2015 at Saint Mary’s School, Raleigh, NC.

This coming Friday, I’m looking forward to participating in Career Day at Saint Mary’s School in Raleigh, NC. I’ll be speaking as one member of a panel on the topic “Understanding how my journey has shaped me and brought me to where I am today.” It will be a new experience for me!

To connect the girls with the speakers ahead of time, I created a “voice tattoo” introduction with Radiocentrix, which is linked above. I can’t wait to meet the girls and share my career journey so far.

On a related note, I do love to throw off my seniors at NC State, who often come into my office feeling anxious because they’re not sure what they want to do. I nod knowingly and sympathetically and say, “yeah, I know, I haven’t decided yet either.” It really is a journey!