Why running with scissors?

  1. I love running, especially point-to-point on crazy trails. The harder the race, the better I like it. [P.S. Mostly. I can say with authority that I will not make a habit out of running 100 milers.]
  2. I have no special talents, except that I am unreasonably persistent. This trait is essential both for earning a Ph.D. and running ultramarathons.
  3. Sometimes I can’t see where the line is unless I put my toe across it.
  4. I can be intense. This is not always good.
  5. Sometimes my boys call me “Danger Mom.”


7. Occasionally, I’m impulsive and do crazy things. Otherwise, you’d know me as an outside the box, somewhat introverted, suburban mother of two. Or possibly a curmudgeonly professor.
8. My husband, Andrew (who would never run with scissors), and I give our boys a long leash. They have been called Huck and Tom on many occasions. I’ve never encouraged them to run with scissors, however.
9. Friends have said that “Go big or go home” is my working philosophy, sometimes with disastrous results. I am at peace with the knowledge that I will never skate half-pipe.
10. I’d like to think I’m eXtreme–with an X. I’m not. I mean, I might run with scissors, but I would not jump out of a plane. I will probably never climb Mount Everest. The North Face is not beating down my door to sponsor me. But I love the idea of living dangerously–even in the Raleigh ‘burbs.

Danger Mom and Safety Dad. We make a good pair.

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