2013 Races

January 19
Little River Trail Races, 10 mi
1:33:01/9:18 pace. 6th/40 AG.
Race report
Article in Trail Runner magazine, October 2013

February 2
Uwharrie Mountain Run, 20 mi
3:50:05/11:30 pace. 5/52 OA female. Peeps tied for 4th/10 teams.
Race report

March 2
Umstead Marathon
4:16:02/9:46 pace. 19/57 OA female.
Race report

April 7
Mountains-to-Sea Trail 50K
DNF at 15.5 mi. 2:50:20 for 15 miles/just under 11 min pace.
I was the fastest DNF; doesn’t that count for something?
Race report

April 20
Medoc Spring Races, 7.4 mi
1:20:40/10:50 pace. 114/183 total (top 50 get awards; staged by age/gender).
Race report

June 1
Running of the Bulls 8K
40:02/8:03 pace. 11/103 AG. Peeps were 7th/13 teams.
Ran a horrible race, likely because of a butt-kicking 90+ min trail run on Wednesday. That pretty much sums it up. Oh, and I tripped over my own feet. On pavement.

June 8
Race for the Cure 5K
22:51/7:21 pace. 3rd Master’s, 15th OA female.
First time in awhile I tried to run a 5K hard and this is probably a PR.

No races in July or August. I am the portrait of moderation!

September 6-7
Blue Ridge Relay, Team: 12 Things of Xmas
30:33:08/8:49 pace. 9th/30 teams in Mixed division.
Race report

October 19
Medoc Mountain 10 mi
1:26:28/8:38 pace. 3rd OA female!
Race report

November 16
Richmond Marathon
3:51:12/8:49 pace. 40/405 AG.

December 7
Run at the Rock 14 mile
Possibly my favorite race splits ever:
2:15:06/9:39 pace. 3/8 AG 41/64 OA. [Slowest time I’ve ever posted in the 14 mi]
1:15:57 – lap 1 Time, 60th place, 10:51 pace
59:09 – lap 2 Time, 17th place, 8:27 pace
Race Report

December 14
The Never-Ending Ultra Trail Reindeer Run
Day 1: 3.4 mi. Falls Lake Dam to Raven’s Ridge Rd. 40ish? minutes.
Day 2: 32.2 mi. Raven’s Ridge Rd. to Rolling View. 9 hours 50 minutes.
Day 3: 14.5 mi. Rolling View to Red Mill Rd. 4 hours 4 minutes.
= 50.1 mi total
How and Why: Part 1
The Journey: Part 2
Lessons: Part 3

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